Please join us in planting a “Garden of Life” IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL in Nathan’s memory.

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לעילוי נשמת נתן בן שלום יהודה

We are planting fruit trees in the Land of Israel in memory of Nathan Joffe Z”L, beloved father of Sam, Ariella, Talya, and Josh Joffe, late husband of Debbie Joffe, and dear brother of Jeffrey, Issy, Ashley, and Arnold Z”L Joffe.

The fruit trees will be planted in a beautiful location in Judea, along the Path of the Patriarchs, which is the path that the nation of Israel walked on from Hevron to Jerusalem on the high holidays. The view from the area is breathtaking and overlooks the entire country, which is very fitting for Nathan since he loved Israel so much.

This area has room for 280 mature fruit trees and our goal is to plant all 280 trees, install drip irrigation lines, and place 8 seating areas/picnic benches there to bring life to this part of the country in Nathan’s memory.

The types of trees that will be planted include pomegranate, fig, loquat, almond, olive, and more. 

*The total cost for the trees is $28,000 ($100/tree)
*The total cost for the drip irrigation systems is $3,200
*The total cost for the seating areas is $2,720 ($340/seating area)

No doubt Nathan is looking down from the heavens with much pride and joy watching his beautiful children, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, spouse, and siblings who continue to follow in his good-natured footsteps in so many ways and knowing that we are perpetuating his memory, making sure the unshakable terms which he lived his life by will not be forgotten.

Please join us in developing the Land of Israel by planting this “Garden of Life” in Nathan’s memory.

The total cost for the trees is $28,000 ($100/tree)

The total cost for the drip irrigation systems is $3,200

The total cost for the seating areas is $2,720 ($340/seating area)

  • All donations are 501c3 tax deductible.

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