Tree Planting in Israel has resumed – Roots of Redemption

Planting trees in Israel has once again resumed!Roots of Redemption will be joining all of Israel in furthering the redemption process by uniting with people just like you all over the world to plant trees of life into the Holy Land, across from Bethlehem. With the sabbatical year over and Rosh Hashanah now behind us, […]

Planting Life in Israel-Roots of Redemption

The sabbatical/Shmita year has ended, and therefore it is permitted once again to plant in the Land of Israel.  We now have an incredible mission ahead of us.  Together we will plant thousands of Judean fruit trees in the hills of Judea across from Bethlehem, in the holy Land of Israel. From the top of […]

Redeeming the Land of Israel – Roots of Redemption

Unfortunately, terrorist attacks in Israel are on the rise. The IDF and the Israeli Security Forces are working nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep this current cycle of terror under control. Most recently, an IDF officer was ambushed and killed by 2 PLO policemen (they were Palestinian police officers), and […]