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Drip Irrigation-Israeli Agricultural Technology Saving Water and the World – Roots of Redemption


There are many incredible Israeli inventions that have made Israel become known as the Startup Nation, and these inventions have also had major, positive impacts throughout the world. One technological innovation, known as drip irrigation, has revolutionized the agricultural world.

Sustainable irrigation has become a significant issue for the agricultural community. In areas of the world where water is scarce and droughts are plentiful, it is essential that tools and methods are put in place to efficiently handle water management mechanisms in farming practices. Hence the use and practice of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is the implementation of various irrigation techniques which allow farmers to manage their resources effectively to produce an optimal harvest.

Simcha Blass is the creator of drip irrigation. Simcha found a tree that was growing without a trace of water but later found out that there was a small leaking pipe feeding it small amounts of water. These findings are what led him to develop drip irrigation. After years of experimenting, Simcha and his son, Yeshayahu, developed the first experimental system of modern drip irrigation in 1959 and created Netafim, the first drip irrigation company located in Israel’s Negev desert, in 1965.

Drip irrigation is precision irrigation and is the most efficient technological advancement used to help farmers grow more of any crop, in all climates, with less. This micro-irrigation system saves water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil’s surface or buried below the soil’s surface. The system delivers the precise amount of water and nutrients through pipes called dripper lines directly to the roots of the plant at the right time so that the plant receives exactly what it requires for maximum growth.

Israel continues to lead the world in innovation when it comes to technology in Agriculture. Help us continue that amazing feat by planting more trees and installing more drip irrigation systems in Judea across from Bethlehem!



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