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Tree Planting in Israel has resumed – Roots of Redemption


Planting trees in Israel has once again resumed!
Roots of Redemption will be joining all of Israel in furthering the redemption process by uniting with people just like you all over the world to plant trees of life into the Holy Land, across from Bethlehem.

With the sabbatical year over and Rosh Hashanah now behind us, the Roots of Redemption planting team is working in full force: organizing the youth of Israel, purchasing your Judaen fruit trees, and digging the holes necessary to, please God, plant 12,000 trees into the Land of Israel this year!

If you and your family are in Israel and would like to have an opportunity to plant trees in Israel to celebrate a special group occasion, the beauty and location of your trees simply cannot be beat. (Please contact us to arrange for a group planting celebration ceremony.)

Now is the perfect time to join Roots of Redemption and to take action for the sake of Zion, by planting as many Judean fruit trees into the holy soil of Israel with people like you from all over the world.

The ecological impact we have on the Hills of Judea, just south of Jerusalem, all along the “Kings Highway” watershed route that connects the Judean Hills to Jerusalem and Samaria, is immeasurable.

The wildlife and nature areas in the Judean Hills are considerable and require our attention to preserve and maintain the beauty and growth of the Judean Hills for our future generations. By carving walking paths and shaded rest spots with water fountains and benches for thousands of hikers and tourists each year, we are opening hundreds of acres of Judean Land to plant dozens of gardens of thousands of fruit trees, vegetables, wine grapes, and more.

All of our planting and growth efforts are for the absolute redemption of the Land of Israel (especially the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, a place where, unfortunately, larger, overfunded organizations like the JNF refuse to plant in) and to allow for the local families of Judea to enjoy free fruits and vegetables when harvesting time comes around. The ecological impact is tremendous as well, as we take barren Hills and bring them to life with fruit, vegetables, and flowing water.

Roots of Redemption oversees the revival of the biblical heartland of Israel, one tree and one square meter at a time.

A mother and her daughters planting their roots in the Hills of Judea



Don't miss your chance to plant your roots in Israel!

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