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7 Israeli Technologies Revolutionizing the World’s Agriculture Space – Roots of Redemption


It’s not a surprise to many when they hear that Israel is a leader in technological innovation. That same statement is true when it comes to AgTech. Here are 7 Agricultural Technologies that make Israel one of the leading forces in the Agriculture world.

Drip irrigation 

A system which drips water directly into plant roots. It significantly reduces water and increases crop yields. Today you can find sustainable turnkey projects that include high-tech greenhouses and advanced control and monitoring.

Recycled Water

Israel recycles over 86 percent of its waste water. This is by far the highest in the world. The Shotgun Treatment Plant takes raw sewage and filters it, then filters it again with microorganisms and cleans it until it is safe to drink. 


Taranis is an intelligence platform that uses satellite imagery, aerial footage, big data, and predictive analytics to monitor fields and help farmers make the best decisions. Farmers can image a field in a super high resolution – about 0.1 millimeter per pixel. That means that we can see a tiny insect on a leaf, and then we can train a computer to analyze it to find these insects. It can also find weeds and give a farmer a report allowing the farmer to spray accordingly. 


IOB uses predatory wasps to control insects as a bio pesticide. This reduces the need for chemical pesticides by up to 70%.


Growndwork Bio AG uses tiny microscopic fungi to help plant roots absorb more nutrients. This increases crop yield with less fertilizer so the fungus penetrates the plant root. The plant roots are then extended in an underground web. The fungus can break down nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to the plant and physically mobilize them into the plant root system. Pretty AMAZING!


FF robotics makes robots with computer vision that can actually pick fruit straight off the trees.


SupPlant uses data and sensors to talk with plants to know exactly what nutrients they need and when they need to be watered.

Israel continues to lead the world in innovation when it comes to technology in Agriculture. Help us continue that amazing feat by planting more trees in Judea across from Bethlehem!



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